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"Just a short note that I am progressing quite nicely with all my manifestations. JoreJj has been a tremendous help with his Life Transformation System A-Z course and the doors that are opening up to me are just tremendous." W.P.


Being together
Private Sessions With JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn (click the symbol below for an interesting audio, JoreJj reading our Elprehzleinn brand "Invocative Affirmation". Also read our mission.

"Jera" ruin meaning - Jera is associated with the harvest; with the rewards of efforts diligently applied and purposefully acted.  Rune of harvest and reward for, or reaction to, right actions in a horizontal (naturally ordered) cyclical process. Rune of peace on the land and in the heart.

Please read our FULL DISCLAIMER before using our sites
Disclaimer: Please be advised that all of the products and services on and relating to the Elprehzleinn websites are based on ideas and experiences of SPIRITUALITY including mind, soul, higher consciousness, destiny, divine being, love itself, the virtually unheard of field of true sacred spiritual sexuality, amazing grace, and various other spiritual values that cannot be guaranteed to work in any way. Everything on our sites is for entertainment purposes only and what may have worked for us or somebody else who used our products and services and/or interacted with us will definitely not work the same for you. We are all different and unique. You use our products and services at your own risk, there are no refunds, you assume all liability and responsibility for what happens in your life by interacting with us and our products and services with harm to none, and purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned, you agree to allow your highest consciousness and Love Itself to intervene favorably in your life in all matters regarding your interaction with Elprehzleinn, so let it be. Furthermore, we believe it is better to have no beliefs. Except for that belief ;) - And personally I also believe that I have no beliefs. JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

disclaimer: all testimonials and quotations on our website apply only to the person(s) who have shared them with us and may not apply to you or any other person. You might not get the same or any results like they say they did. In fact you won't because IF you get results, they will be unique to you, and all yours.

" I love your ideas. you are amazing. i appreciate that I have such a skilled life coach to personally coach me through my issue. Another manifestation tracked and it's better sooooo much better than I had imagined. Meaning the coach I manifested is a much better coach than I imagined and the bonuses I get are out of this world amazing..." K.

"JoreJj has been a rock to work with, a life saver of source to be where we are at this time in our lives ~ to have someone so unbelievably smart, knowledgeable, understanding, accepting of which we found our MAGIC from, creative, considerate, encouraging, transforming, systematically embracing, life changing, and more than words can say of appreciation of how everything is coming into a BRAND NEW for us since we've done all of the work of inner child and adolescent deprogramming and everything else that we've worked on together.
To work with JoreJj, is an experience that you'll never forget ~ you'll be uplifted, inspired, healed in ways that are unbelievably life transforming, learn things that can help you make your life into unstoppable, without worry, fear or even doubt. You'll be a much happier, relaxed, fun-filled, passion finding, powerful being, and more than words can say person." A.R.

You are very welcome to see either or both of us in person. The best way to get to know each other before meeting in person is to buy the "Empowerment Script" which then entitles you to take out a fantastic offer of 2-3 months consulting with us over the phone, Skype, Facetime, e-mail, social media. That 2-3 months consulting like that is our fabulous and incredible "optional full package" which we tailor fit for you.


We also offer in person versions of the optional full package.

What would it be like if you shared some personal time on the planet playing and having fun doing good work to benefit your life with JoreJj Elprehzleinn being involved with his expertise to use the ClearTalk system he designed and publishes to wonderfully assist spiritual beings earth to imagine, desire, and expect what you want in life? What if YOU got help from the designer of the entire system who has the most experience using it personally, and who has the most experience helping others and who therefore has the knowledge of how he and many others got so many magnificent results? It would be amazing, I think.


It always is so in my experience each time. Full of light and beauty, laughter and ease, and can be very productive generating solutions and materializing what is needed and envisioned and becoming more skilled at doing all that for purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned. What if all the time we spend together is only that which is by the approval of my Higher Self and your Higher Self and any body else that might be involved or affected in such a way that is most magnificently mutually rewarding? I ask now that it be so, and only that with harm to none for the highest excellence and peace of ALL concerned in the name of Love Itself. And so it must be so.


Now that should help us get started on the most excellent path together shining with heart and soul fulfilling and enriching and transforming and nourishing experiences! Or not at all. And I add, and command and demand that only those relationships that are in harmony with your most brilliant future and my most brilliant future be the ones that connect and flourish together for a short time, a long time, or anything in between in this way or that way as long as it is walking the path of our most brilliant future together and supporting your most brilliant future and mine to be all that we experience. So let it be, by the power of Love Itself.


Now I think all that gives you some idea of where I am going from and what I think is a fun way to get something great to happen together.


Just send us an e-mail to request to get started or to discuss getting started. Or visit my blog and use the contact form there to get in touch with me.


If you want to talk with me or get my help consciously creating your own reality or visit with me for whatever reason as long as it is for your highest harmonious path and my highest self is totally OK with it and the highest best is only what happens for all concerned, with fun, pleasure, joy, and with our most brilliant futures connected with our higher selves to the light of our contacting each other and circulating our energies than it has my approval! With harm to none, I ask this, command this and demand this in the name of Love Itself. By the power of our mutually interacting higher beings.


ou pay to set a time)



We can connect and interact with love and peace and marvelous magical excellence and luminous light and our Higher Selves with us, using the phone or on Skype, or in person. Any way we do it you can be sure that it is fun and mutually rewarding because I ask it to be so in the name of the nameless one with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned with Love, Laughter, Fun, Health, Peace, Joy and all manner of expanding beautiful feelings with and for the abundant prosperity of the materialization of what we each and all consciously imagine, desire, and expect in harmony with our heart and soul and spirit and our most positive future. It is so.


About the Coaching and Consulting And How It Is So Unique and Valuable the Way It Is Offered By JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn.

In my life, I AM blessed with loving guidance that provides me with so much joy and happiness that it is the main reason that I enjoy being alive. It is this spiritual guidance, and its practical application, that I share with you, in whatever way I can, when you connect with me for any sort of coaching and consulting.


It is this spiritual guidance that I constantly endeavour to materialize in all great things and all relationships in my own life. It is this same guidance that keeps me going and gets me through when I am faced with challenges or difficulties. That makes the miracles that chain together to make my life and the miracles for the people I involve with.


The nature of this spiritual relationship is completely available to be known by you, if you desire to share it completely, through what is called the Invocative Affirmation. And there are many more helpful things I can share with you. There are products and services, available on this website. And there is my coaching and consulting services, which are based on my years of training and experience, and my family heritage, in this field of doing my work, by helping others.

When we coach and consult we empower you to accomplish and get all the things that you are asking us to help you with. We provide a practical method that works to help you to help yourself. To help you to solve all your problems and manifest what you imagine is better.


For example, when I begin working with someone, the first things we like to do is usually a ClearTalk session, and have a careful look at the astrology and destiny cards for your life. We use these and conversation with you to rapidly tune in to what are your needs and what do you want manifest and how can we help you dramatically?


Frequently our personal coaching sessions provide more than deeply insightful help to get you clear about what you imagine and make it materialize.


Additionally, we often connect you with other people and resources to speed your on your way and arrive at the destination of satisfaction and pleasure living the fullfillment of your wishes and desires in reality.



In doing what we do, we invoke the highest guidance and the best of me, and whomever and whatever resources are ALL and for the HIGHEST benevolence for all concerned. we invoke balance and harmony.


Here is my contact page. CONTACT PAGE


"I've known JoreJj for several years. Not only has our collaboration on several projects been of great benefit to myself and my own customers, I've also found him to be a great proponent of personal improvement. In all of my dealings with JoreJj I've been constantly reminded of the potential we all have to transform ourselves into whatever we desire.

So far, it's been impossible to isolate him in conversation from this determination he has to assist in the profound changes that other people desire. In a nutshell, he is probably one of the most giving, dedicated and sincere people I've ever met in the 'self-help' arena. He acts and advises on a constant stream of actual experience that makes what he teaches real, not just content that he can sell. If you're ready to learn, I mean really learn - what makes you tick.... JoreJj is there for you."


"Thanks for the consultation. It was valuable time well spent. We gained confidence and knowledge that has allowed us to quantumly leap ahead with our website development."

"Sincere Thanks. I genuinely appreciate your help. It's nice to find someone who is truly as committed to helping others as they claim to be. I don't know how many times I've heard someone SAY they were committed, only to be disappointed in the long run. I know you don't know me, nor I you, but I'm pleased to say I'm proud of you...Congratulations on NOT procrastinating, and getting this valuable information out for all of us to share in and improve our lives!"


"I am getting a wonderful good feeling, interacting with you JoreJ. Thank you" J.F.



I had a major epithany about time management last night, as a result of your work with me these past two weeks, in this area. I had ten projects, and I was overwhelmed, and not accomplishing my goals to my satisfaction.
Now lot of things are getting done! I am not stressed about all my projects anymore. The time management epiphany was big for me.

With the help of your coaching I realized the pattern. If I am doing work, and I am focused on EVERYTHING that I HAVE to do.... this feeling of stress and being overwhelmed comes inside of me which makes everything I do take MORE time... I also realized that my subconcious mind doesn't realize the concept of the future it only knows here and now... in this moment. The exercise you gave me really helped me to EXPERIENCE how powerful and valuable the present moment is, in a practical way.

I realized that "time management" is a concious mind thing. My conscious mind is VERY comfortable if I could have all my time "figured out" and I feel totally safe and balanced with everything "planned out". You helped me experience the reality that planning at the conscious mind level is only a concious mind thing to satisfy an immediate need for certainty and confidence. Therefore, I realized is that I could be 10 times more productive concentrating just on the present moment... and the trick is I have to trust my subconcious mind, my heart, and life itself.

And that is just what I did, and I have been having a very fun, relaxed, and productive week, which is worth of lot of money to me. The feeling of being empowered is priceless.


thank you for all your help. You have helped me to make a major positive life transformation in less than 2 weeks, that I can use for the rest of my life.


After my epiphany I had some enormously great visions and clarification on how to set up this corporation.

p.s. and this is just one of the things in working with you and the Life Transformation System A-Z."


JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

To contact JoreJj

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Proudly online since 1995!


"Something magical is happening to me, I am overflowed with love for everything and everyone. My creative being is on fire. Its blissful. My sis leaves the nest tomorrow. Will have more time to skype u then. I'm so happy!!!!!!! I wish everyday to be like this. I feel the shift. Are u doing work on me that side with crystals and stuff? Lots to tell, will try to get u on wed night. Love and light to u!!!! Thank u for being so caring to a complete stranger and trusting and taking me through this process. I feel It working!"


I'm not sure whether you consciously or unconsciously put into action one of the principles of the second part of the course by allowing me to solve my own 'problem', but it's always good to see someone puts into practice what they teach.-

Many Thanks,


Oh JoreJj, I feel so positive and open. Good things are happening. I want to thank you for all your wonderfulness. I have art projects forming in my head again!! this is a real sign of breaking free for me. Thank you so much for encouraging this.


Damn, you're good.


Once again, thank you for sharing the wisdom you possess to all that yearn for the truth to what life really is.

"...In all my dealings with JoreJj, I've been constantly reminded of the potential we all have to transform ourselves into whatever we desire. In a nutshell, JoreJj is probably one of the most giving dedicated, and sincere people I've ever met in the self-help arena. He acts and advises on a constant stream of actual experience that makes what he teaches real. If you're ready to learn what makes you tick, JoreJj is there for you!"

- C.M.


Thanks once again for your most considerate and focused reply, designed especially for me. That is the way it should be. That is the way I believe people should relate to each other; directly without embellishments or insincere, shabbily fabricated responses. You are a Teacher who practices what he teaches and you eloquently articulate your wisdom in a way that is utterly painless to the receiver. I appreciate that.


Making your acquaintance has been very positive for me.


You are really brave, JoreJj. Brave to be so honest about everything and share your feelings.


It's ten minutes or so since we spoke Saturday night, add another 100 to my gross for the week, around 6 now.


Dearest JoreJj,

Thank you for your work in helping others.


I feel a closeness to you despite the fact we have never met. That just confirms to me the spiritual nature of the work we are doing together.


10 words :JoreJj is awesome! You have got to meet JoreJj buddy!
K.P. & T.W.


Thank you JoreJj! I feel much much better now!


You are the only person I can talk to so deeply.


Thanks very much for your time and it's my honor to speak with you for 2 hours.

You're the man. :)


Thank you so much for the wonderful "therapy" session yesterday! You have no idea how much you help me in so many ways! I am so thankful to have you as a friend (yes...I used that word).


I like what you are doing it's unique and beautiful.


You have a soothing voice. I enjoy talking to you.


I chose you for your integrity.


I feel your energy as a calming influence.


I really treasure having you in my life and want for you all things you desire....... you are a magnificent man and spirit and you have my love unconditionally and fully supportive.


You have an openess not often found.




You rock.


Thank you for your compassionate involvement in other people’s lives. It reminds me of the bodhisattva who is working in a modern context, but nevertheless, appropriate for the times.appropriate for the times.


Your timing is so accurate. Unbelievably accurate.


You are like a father to me.


A short destiny card reading with you was more helpful than hours of counseling. There was something about the way that you do the reading that makes it different.


I like what you did with the sketch. I knew you would come up with something. I appreciate your creative involvement.


You are divinely guided.


You are honest and truthful in the way you express yourself about your own life.


Your help and counsel are greatly valued.


Thanks for that great insight. Thank you for being so genuinely interested and helpful, and thanks for helping me in your own universe. That was very unexpected and greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


You are genuine, generous with your time, and wise. Thank you for sharing your Self, your beingness, your authenticity with me.


You are honest and truthful in the way you express yourself about your own life. Thanks so much for your kindness, creativity and support on Saturday. I am really excited now imaging how awesome this is going to be...is already. I am officially out of the dread and into creativity.


Thank you for being who you are.


Thank you for your great idea! Thank you for your continued support. Thank you so much for your soothing message.. You're a poet, a philosopher,a writer, a dancer, a helper and a so loving being in the physical universe
and in mine !


I want you to know that I think you are an amazing person and I feel blessed to have you in my life, you having incredible energy thank you for sharing it...


"You made it easy for me to be comfortable."


"I am really glad I met you."
(many people)


"I am SO happy to be putting money into the Elprehzleinn corporation, as I have already experienced many of the benefits of the magic it holds....I got my first gift before I ever made a contribution..which was meeting you!"


"I don't know how it works, but it works, I have received a lot of money." MBV'


"Membership has done a lot of good things in my life. Lately, I just got a job doing what I want to do, that pays $100,000 a year and I am the CEO and President. And I am getting along much better with my lover. The website you made for me has helped me tremendously with my business."


"Energy-Therapies.net is out to the world, thanks to you, JoreJj. I am excited about it and improving it.

That is a very generous offer to help me get started in business. It blows me away that through the web I have met such wonderful people as you . You are so open and giving. You are an example to me as to how we should live and work with each other."


"You have certainly given me a powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of your program."


"After joining your program an extraordinary situation opened up in my life and I received back more money than I put in. A few months later I had the most profitable month of sales ever in my business, and the month after that you introduced me to a man who is the one that I have dreamed of being with for 11 years."

"I have made more money after meeting you than I ever have in my entire life."


"After working with your program I had several romantic suitors invite me on weekend trips that they paid for, I lost my job, and from that crisis ending up getting a new and better job that pays me a higher salary than I ever have received in my life."


"If it wasn't for you and the other people I got in touch with through Elprehzleinn corporation, I would have never written my book."


"You are my angel."


"This is the future of money, I want to join. Get ready, a lot of people are going to want to join."

"This "Financial Intelligence" program is going to grow like an avalanche."