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Click here to listen to JoreJj explain about the different ways to get his brilliant assistance and his experience and fun, super-successful energy to contribute and help you with your social media and e-commerce project.

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Partial Client List

In a recent conversation with a former Head Coach of an international success organization that coach told me that I have achieved in performance results with my own web site what only about 1% of people who attempt to succeed on the internet are doing. And I have helped many people to benefit from my advanced knowledge of using the internet to do business. Why study on your own when a few consultations with me can advance your internet business tremendously.

Over the years, decades really, i have helped many clients and individuals to sell their products, promote their events, share their ideas, and do that with me in a fun way.

I have helped lots of people make a lot more money by helping them enhance their look, and the way their message is presented.

And I do all this with a sense of consciousness about being responsible for communicating and connecting with people on all the levels that media and advertising touches people.

You can reach people with you message, your products, your services, your ideas, and at the same time you can give and share and empower and help people in a loving kind respectful way that honors who they are. Fellow spiritual beings having a human experience.





EXPERT ONLINE and OFFLINE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES including advanced social media implementation with blogging, facebook, twitter, and much more. JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is a Social Media/ Multimedia Communication Artist since before 1987 with experience in all manner of producing all forms of media production and creativity and how to merge them all into a rich experience that makes you and/or your product look great.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn has a quantity and quality of experience that can add "star power" to your project like he has for himself on his own sites, and for many others for their sites, and their businesses and projects since long before the internet began and ever since.

What I did is design an introductory product that is comprehensive for people wanting to benefit from my influence and the impact of sharing in the knowledge and consciousness I can bring to your project in any media.

For now I call it the "E-Commerce/Media Design / Social Media Assistance Package" although the work I can do for you is comprehensive in all mediums these days it seems the focus is on the internet.

So what we do is consult first of all about what it is that you need. Your overall image and identity, your presentation of you and/or your product, what you know and have learned so far and how that can be enhanced. I can even take into account aspects of your spiritual nature to empower the work which I can draw on from my own good fortune in my expression as a "self-help" guru.

For the most part my focus has been on what you might call spiritually conscious advertising. Understanding and accepting that worldwide most people are being related to through the mass media. To connect an heal and work and relate with people I became and have remained and expert on ADVERTISING.

What that means however is that adding the spiritual element to all the stuff I know and can do with animation, video, interactivity, how people think when they relate to something, photography, how words and images and sound communicate when presented together, the psychology of being human, all these things are related in my experience.

That means that when you relate with me you get a vast treasure of experience and a focused consciousness that is fine tuned to the latest trends and yet experienced with what is tried and true and eternal about people and how they respond.

The artwork I create can assist you tremendously. Whether it is something a person hears or sees, whether it is movement and animation, color and image, these are areas that I have great skills and great experience and letting me be part of what you are doing is going to definitely add a richness and a high quality to your work.

I know how to tune into what you are doing and enhance it while keeping it true to what you want. I have been successfully doing that for people and their products and companies for decades, literally helping them make their dreams come true.

That is what it is really all about isn't it?

Send me an e-mail, leave me a voicemail at my New York number: 347-284-6658 with what you need (with a callback number or e-mail), or just go ahead and venture into it and sign up for us to do something good together right here right now...I will get in touch with you or you with me once your payment clears my accounts...

Click here to: Enroll in the "E-Commerce/Social Media Assistance Package".

Let me give you a hint about how beneficial it can be to get involved with receiving my assistance in this regard. I am an ultra-efficiency expert. I have designed and developed so many ways to condense and simply what you do that you would probably enhance what you are doing simply by enrolling and letting me assess your project and sharing my insights without even doing any physical changes or work. I can usually spot one or two things that can radically transform your efficiency in some way or another and your effectiveness.

And that is just to get started. I like that, doing something great for you right away, right up front. So that you find your investment with me is enormously profitable for you, and right from the start.

With Joy,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


p.s. Just because I used my skills in media to become a self-help guru doesn't mean I am not at the peak of my game as a multimedia communication artist who can help you make your advertising super spectacular and your communication sophisticated, fun, and elegant in a way that meets your needs royally with fun.

I have been working in advertising longer than anything else. Let me help you with yours or even to show you how helping you with your personal identity on the internet via social media can open up revenue streams and opportunities for you that are in line with what you are passionate about.



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JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn - Media Design for Richly Rewarding Communication
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"Beautiful design and communication are to me one and the same. Beauty has its' own voice, style its' own way of speaking.
The function of design is to support meaningful communication which is interaction. Through excellent design there is harmonious rich communication.
High quality communication is integral to richly rewarding relationships. Fulfilling valuable relationships are the greatest treasure in business and in life."
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

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